//FiTech 31061 Fuel Injection System; Go EFI 2X4

FiTech 31061 Fuel Injection System; Go EFI 2X4

Product ID: FIT31061

MFG Part Number: 31061

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Fuel Injection System; Go EFI 2X4; For Use On 2X4 Barrel Intake Manifolds; Use With Naturally Aspirated Engines; Throttle Body Injection; 625 Horsepower Rating; Bright Tumbled Finish; With 2 Die Cast Throttle Body/ 8 Hi-Flow Injectors/ Handheld Controller/ Windshield Mount/ Built-In Pressure Regulator/ 2.5 Bar Internal MAP Sensor/ TPS/ Idle Air Control Sensor/ Coolant Temp Sensor/ Wide Band Oxygen Sensor/ Oxygen Sensor Bung/ 6AN Fuel Inlet/ Gasket Kit/ Inline Fuel Pump/ Fuel Hose/ Black Hose Ends
Aspiration: Naturally Aspirated
Engine Compatibility: All Engines
Fuel Injection Type: Throttle Body
Includes Distributor: No
Includes ECM: Yes
Includes Fuel Pressure Regulator: Yes
Includes Fuel Pump: Yes
Includes Gaskets: Yes
Includes IAC Motor: Yes
Includes IAT Sensor: Yes
Includes Intake Manifold: No
Intake Manifold Finish: No Intake Manifold
Intake Manifold Material: No Intake Manifold
Includes MAP Sensor: Yes
Includes Oxygen Sensor: Yes
Throttle Body Finish: Bright Tumbled
Throttle Body Material: Aluminum
Throttle Body Mounting Flange: 4-Barrel Square Bore
Includes TPS Sensor: Yes
Includes Wiring Harness: Yes
Initial Set-Up Is Quickly And Easily Performed With A Touch Sensitive Hand Held Controller
Controller Also Features An SD Card So That Data Logging Can Be Captured And Stored Or Easily Transferred To A Computer
Self Tuning. After Initial Set-Up The Computer Takes Over And Provides Your Vehicle With An Optimum Tune
Features Built-In Total Ignition And Timing Control
Features A Built In Coil Driver That Drives A Coil Directly Without A CDI Box, But Also Can Send A Timing Signal To Your CDI Box For The Maximum Ignition Performance
Go EFI Will Provide Timing Control For Any 2-Wire Distributor With The Advance Mechanism Locked Or Disabled
Features Multi-Spark Ignition During Cranking For Quicker Starting And Elimination Of Potential Plug Fouling
No Laptop Or Tuning Experience Is Required
Timing Control Allows You To Program Your Initial Timing And The Distributor Advance Curve Into The Onboard ECU (Computer) Using The Handheld Controller
Limited 1 Year Warranty
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